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Instant Payday Network Review

Name: Instant Payday Network


Price: Depends on the offers you as a member choose to try and if you decide to have

Paid advertisement

Owner: Jeff Buchanan

Overall Rank: 25/100


Instant Payday Network is a “100% free” marketing system online crated for those who want to start earning an income online but don’t wish to invest any money.

The way this marketing system works is that you are signed under what is known as a “Freebie” Site, compete trial offers (which you have to remember to cancel before you are charged full price) and then attract referrals so that you can make money.

While this marketing system claims that it is 100% free, that is not necessarily true. You may have to spend anywhere from $10-$30 to complete some offers but again that is up to you.

Pros vs. Cons


▪Easy for a beginner

▪Great to earn a little extra cash on the side


▪No actual clear description of what the member will actually be doing

▪Once a member you will have to become a ruthless salesperson to promote Instant Payday Network to get referrals, even though the site claims that you won’t have to sell anything in order to get paid

▪Based solely on getting referrals which can be time consuming with little to no pay

▪Tons and tons of widespread complaints online about Instant Payday Network

▪No true reviews online about Instant Payday Network. You will only find bogus reviews which is nothing more than people trying to track down referrals

Who Is It For?IPN3

Instant Payday Network is virtually for everyone. With their “free” system anybody who wishes to earn some money on the web can do so. It is essentially for everybody whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer.

Training and Tools

Instant Payday Network offers training videos and some resources. The videos included in the “training” of Instant Payday Network includes everything from how to sign up for the cash freebies, to how to make money using their system, to how to get paid and how to settle disputes regarding not getting paid.

The resources given to the members are mostly little scripts on how to market on Craigslist and YouTube so you don’t have to struggle with coming up with your own material.

Another resource Instant Payday Network offers is granting each member with their very own personal mentor. The personal mentor is there to offer 1-on-1 help if a new member is confused or is stuck on a certain step. While this seems pretty good sometimes mentors have a certain tendency to abandon their trainees as soon as they sign up as a referral under them. Some of these mentors don’t care about helping their trainees. Some seem to only be interested in making money anyway they can.


The support offered by Instant Payday Network ranges through two different outlets. One is the use of a personal mentor which is the primary source of support, though sometimes not very reliable. The second is through e-mail inquiries. The third is to contact the owner Jeff Buchanan directly. While using Instant Payday Network I never had to contact the owner directly nor did I try to see if he would actually help me. Using both the mentor and e-mail a member is usually able to get the help they seek quickly, though it may take up to 24 hours for a response.


▪Ranges: depends on what offers the member decides to do themselves. Can range from $10-$30 for some offers.

▪Paid Advertisement: seems like the only sure way to get referrals. The one Jeff Buchanan recommends ranges in price:

▪Basic: $197

▪Bronze: $397

▪Silver: $597

▪Gold: $997

With this paid advertisement is guarantees to drive traffic to your promotional page and have a bunch of referrals sign up under you.

Final Opinion

Instant Payday Network may seems like a quick way to earn fast cash, but from previous experience I have learned that if something seems too good to be true, it usual it.

While completing your own offers may be easy, the truly hard work goes into attracting referrals to your promotional page and then having them sign up under your referral link so you can get paid. But unless you pay for the advertisement I really don’t see many people making thousands using this system.

I would recommend staying away from Instant Payday Network. Any site that “guarantees” that you will become rich overnight is a scam. It just doesn’t happen that way nor do they care if you truly succeed online. Remember, memberships like this only care about you signing up under their referral link so they can get paid. This is NOT a real opportunity nor will you become rich off of it. The only thing that I can guarantee you will make out of it is more debt.



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Have you had any experience with the Instant Payday Network? If so I would love to hear from you about your personal experience using their system. Please leave your own review below and remember, the more details you provide the better.


  • better living says:

    Funny . i make a little over 2000 a week with instant payday network and with little effort.
    This is absolutely not and never been a scam. but i guess you wont post this as it discredit’s your claim.

    • Nessa says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment! I know many people who have made money using Instant Payday Network but as I never made a single dime off of it I put it in the scam section. I worked hard at it for several months and I received nothing. It may seem like a scam to others and a legit opportunity to others. Regardless it is nice to have an opposing opinion on this blog. Thanks again :-)

  • julia lloyds says:

    Instant Payday Network is a free online business that enables anyone to start their own business with zero risk. I am a member of Instant payday. I made money with it. It’s not a scam. However I can say it is it is not a scam. It offers a good or services that you may want or need anyway. As they are not connected with the marketing training materials in the Instant Payday Network so it is not a scam.

    • Nessa says:

      I personally tried Instant PayDay Network before it became a large opportunity promoted on Facebook…personally I think it is a scam simply because there is no way you can make a full-time income from it AND all that you do is promote the program to others. This in my book is a scam and there are simply better money making opportunities out there. Thanks for the comment :-)

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